Resume Writing: Stand Out in a Crowd With Your Enhanced Resume and Get Hired Instantly (With Resume and Job Interview Tips)

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Getting that dream job, the one where you know your experience makes you the best candidate means that you must be able to stand out in a crowd of several. Just take a look at your common job sites – ever notice how many resumes are submitted for one position? For highly desired employment, you could be looking at a volume of several hundred! The key to getting you through those interview doors and on your way to getting the position you deserve means enhancing your resume to catch the eye of the prospective employer. This book will focus on the strategies you need to create a resume that makes you stand out amongst the competition to help you get that job! Your resume is essentially your story – one that provides the prospective employer with an overview of your work and educational history as well as your skills and abilities. The key to crafting a standout narrative is to create one that suits the needs of the individual who is on the other end assessing if you should be asked to come in for an interview. Control your story; create one that states that you are the best possible candidate for the position. Research the opportunity and create a resume for the job. Use keywords that will hold the attention of the hiring manager. Apply strategy when selecting a resume format by choosing one that presents your experience and skills in the best possible way. Always submit an error-free document and make sure that proofreading is an ongoing task. Finally, submit a compelling cover letter that demonstrates your promise to the employment opportunity. With a bit of research and time, you can create a resume that allows you to stand out in the crowd!