Morph, Pivot, Launch™: Navigate Your Job Search in Turbulent Times

Price: $17.99
(as of Oct 26,2021 12:17:17 UTC – Details)

Changing jobs or careers can be stressful, even in the best of times. Add a traumatic life event — separation or divorce, death of a spouse or partner, unexpected job loss — or a large-scale, far-reaching calamity — economic downturn, catastrophic weather event, or worldwide health crisis — and what was already a stressful process can become a terrifying proposition that feels impossible to navigate. And Heaven forbid if more than one of these stressors hit at the same time. Now, imagine having a professional career coach with you every step of the way — someone to help you manage the process, find your footing, and remain firm on your path to success. That’s what you have in Morph, Pivot, Launch™. Offering a bundled workbook, guide book, organizer, journal, and reference manual — all in one — Morph, Pivot, Launch™ helps you lessen your anxiety and stress and improve your overall state of mind so you can (1) master your mindset; (2) energize your job search; (3) articulate your dreams, wishes, and personal vision; and (4) develop and implement the job search strategy that’s effective for you. With clever and engaging art throughout, you can doodle, color, draw, and get your brain firing creatively. Whether you’re 20-something, 70-something, or anywhere in between, if difficulties beyond your control are driving your job or career change, or if the process itself is creating excessive turbulence in your life, Morph, Pivot Launch™ is here to help you set your course and reach your goal.