Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Success 2019

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Job seekers must construct their LinkedIn profile so that it can easily be found by recruiters and corporations seeking qualified applicants. Job seekers are in a contest where there is only one winner. Companies do not hire two people for the same job. A LinkedIn profile must be sharp, its value easily understood, and the profile must be easily found by any recruiter or company seeking qualified job applicants.

This book shares all the tricks on how to accomplish all of this and more. For example, a header must grab attention. How many characters? It should not contain your title so, what must it say to attract attention? What information must the summary contain? How do you establish the perception that you have a valuable brand so companies and recruiters call you for interviews?

How do you connect with the "right" people in your job search? What about your privacy and security and how do you set this up to protect yourself? How do you make the the right connections to help you expand your job search efforts? How do you choose key skills and your core competencies and list those properly? What are the search tactics you use can to find "right" jobs on LinkedIn? How do you select, join, grow, and manage groups to execute a more effective job search? How do you secure and manage your references to establish your credibility? How do you leverage the power of social media using your LinkedIn profile?

These few questions only scratch the surface. Fred shares his secrets and answers to these questions, and many more. Leveraging LinkedIn For Job Search Success – 2019 contains dozens of secrets, both visible and hidden, to help anyone build a great LinkedIn profile.