Job Interview Tips For Winners: 12 Key Ways To Land The Job

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Job Interview Tips For Winners packs a quick and powerful punch. On the hunt for a new job? This book will show you exactly how to ace your next interview.

Learn what to say, how to act, what to wear, and how to prepare for common interview questions. Discover the questions you should ask your would-be employers, and how to present your strengths and weaknesses in the best possible light.

Furthermore, learn eight ways you can immediately improve your body language – and understand how to make sure it doesn’t sabotage you during your next interview.

Steven Fies is a consultant who advises human resources departments on hiring the right people. He is also a certified professional behaviors and motivators analyst with TTI Success Insights, a recognized leader in workplace performance research. Job Interview Tips For Winners is his concise, no-nonsense guide to acing your next interview and landing the job.

If you’re in the market for a new job and want a clear strategy for sharpening your interviewing skills, Job Interview Tips For Winners is for you. Simple and to the point, it will teach you the most critical interviewing skills in no time.