How to Find a Job: A Handbook of the Best Job Search Strategies For A Successful Future

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THE NEW AND EXCITING E-BOOK BY BILL KAUFMANN: International Coach/Consultant, Executive Recruiter, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor, and Columnist. President of “My Greener Future.”

A look into the mind of one of the most dynamic figures in job coaching today, Bill has worked tirelessly over his life to help talented, but underutilized people find their perfect career paths. This 72-page digest is Bill’s way of introducing the concepts and methods he uses in his one-on-one coaching into the mainstream market!

From those facing little opportunity for career growth and are unappreciated in their current organizations, to quality individuals who may be out of work for no reason of their own, “How To Find A Job” not only provides an in-depth and thought-provoking look into the factors that play out behind the scenes, but also shows how a few key changes can alter the entire dynamic of your career path!

Listen to what some past clients of Bill’s have to say:
• "My Greener Future gave me a direction that changed my life"
Sharon R., Salt Lake City, Utah

• “Bill saw my future before I did. I’m currently achieving my dream!” Mary in Ohio

• “I thought I knew how to market myself. I didn’t. My resume went from blah to
eye-popping!” Rich K, Virginia

• "My Greener Future helped me enter a new and exciting career direction" Chris
in Jacksonville, Florida

• "The Individualized coaching to market myself…. Priceless. The program helped me see potential that I didn’t even know I had” Ken, Chesterfield, Va.

This is a powerful Handbook designed to share the professional secrets of finding a new and engaging job while moving up the career ladder. This Handbook is a "must buy" for the talented and motivated individual who wants to succeed.