HIRED!: 100 Interview Questions and Answers Plus 50 Must-Read Tips for Today’s Job Market

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Interview Myth: The most qualified candidate on paper usually receives the job offer.

Reality: Resumes only get candidates into the interview. The candidate who performs the best over the course of a 2-hour discussion will receive the offer letter. 

Those who are successful at interviewing will use this information to their advantage and enjoy prosperous careers. The issue for most professionals is not that they are too lazy to prepare for their interviews. The real problem is that they prepare in all the wrong ways.

HIRED! is a must-read interview book that will take the reader inside the minds of hiring managers and teach them essential preparation techniques to ace interviews in today’s job market.  

HIRED! will:

*Walk you through 50 robust, yet easy to implement, interview tips segmented by actions you can take before, during, and after the interview process.

*Teach you the most effective methods to prepare for and respond to any type of interview question.

*Explore 100 wide-ranging interview questions and example responses with an analysis on why the interviewer is asking the question, what they are looking for in a response, and what specifically to avoid in your answer.

*Explain how to prepare for phone and virtual interviews in today’s environment.

As a manager who has sat on both sides of the interview desk many times, I am impressed with Briggson’s sound advice delivered in a thorough, yet simplistic manner.”

“For anyone seriously looking to increase their performance in interviews – this book will get you there start to finish.”