Next Gen PhD: A Guide to Career Paths in Science

Price: (as of – Details) For decades, top scientists in colleges and universities pursued a clear path to success: enroll in a prestigious graduate program, conduct research, publish papers, complete the PhD, pursue postdoctoral work. With perseverance and a bit of luck, a tenure-track professorship awaited at the end. In today’s academic job market, this scenario represents the exception. As

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Launched: Start Your Career Right after College, Even During a Pandemic

Price: (as of – Details) “This book should be required reading for every university student or parent of one. Rob Feinstein offers the kind of practical advice, straight from hiring managers, that’s needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of today’s job search process.” – Sean Treccia, Director of Global Campus Recruiting Programs at KPMG ”Launched is a college student’s secret

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#QUALIFIED: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize

Price: (as of – Details) WARNING: This book will make you ambitious AF. Side Effects May Include: Career success. Beyoncé confidence. A renegade resume. Gold medal mindset. Loss of apprehension. Read at your own risk. Everyone always tells you, “do what you love.” But how is this possible? You’re thinking that you’re just not talented enough, or don’t have the

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