A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge: Bring “IT” to every interview. 152 Teacher Interview Questions and Potential Answers (A+ Resumes for Teachers Book 1)

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A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge (2nd Edition) contains 152 teacher specific interview questions and very detailed potential answers to prepare you for your next interview. Discover not just what interview questions they’ll ask you at your next interview, but how to answer those questions to increase job offers to land your dream teaching job!

Candace Alstad – Davies, the author can’t stress this enough to her clients, the job does NOT always go to the most qualified person. But… one thing is for sure, it almost ALWAYS goes to the best interviewee.

That’s why, you must be confident and prepared at your next job interview

You have to be prepared! Preparation is the key to getting the perfect teaching position. If you’re not prepared for the interview… rest assured somebody else will be… and they may take the job that could have been yours.

The A+ Teachers Interview Edge WILL Reveal…

What you should know about any school district before the interview.

Why you should list your traits and skills and prepare for anything.

What principals are really looking for in a teacher.

How to create an interview winning resume.

What to include in your teacher cover letter.

The importance of having a teacher portfolio.

How to conduct a successful job search.

Why so many school districts use behavioral interviews.

How to conduct a successful demo lesson plan.

If you are really ready for the interview with the final interview checklist.

What to wear on the interview day.

A few things to do and remember as you approach the final minutes before the interview.

The four stages of a job interview to give you an understanding of the process.

Some important steps not to overlook at the end of the interview.

What NOT to do during the interview.

Helpful checklists to get you through your job search and interview.

152 teacher interview questions and potential answers; plus seven more questions that the interview panel shouldn’t ask you.

18 questions you could ask the interview panel.

AND Five Thank you letter MS Word templates you can modify and use.

Candace Alstad – Davies, the Founder and Owner of A+ Resumes for Teachers is specialized and dedicated to helping educators with resumes, cover letters, and interviews for 16+ years. She is dedicated to partnering with teachers, administrators and other educators get position they genuinely enjoy.

Candace has earned numerous certifications and completed many training seminars in resumes writing, interview coaching, career coaching and social media networking and marketing to ensure her clients get the best of the best.

Candace mantra is – "Her clients SUCCESS is her SUCCESS".

Staying current in many areas to help her clients get the best results in their job search is critical. She is adamant that my clients and visitors have the advantage over other teachers competing for the same job. This is NOT the time to take a chance. You must go the extra mile to effectively communicate your value proposition / branding with your job search documents and interviewing preparation techniques.

Get more teaching job offers.

Increase your confidence at your next education interview.

Learn how to answer interview questions that teachers are specifically asked.

Avoid answering seemingly innocent interview questions with answers that could cause you to be eliminated from the list.

Feel less intimidated when interviewing in front of a panel.

Avoid being one of the many teachers caught off guard by certain interview questions.

Learn how to showcase your skills by responding to questions appropriately.

Take advantage of open ended questions that give you excellent opportunities to sell your talents.

Understand the reasons why interviewers ask seemingly odd questions.

Communicate your unique value and what you can bring to the classroom and school community.

then the A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge wil