100 Interview Questions And Answers: Helping You Get The Job You Want

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How This Book Will Help You:

Let’s be honest. The whole job search process would be so much easier with one simple element removed wouldn’t it?

We’re talking about the interview process of course.

Even the most confident of applicants admit to feeling a degree of nervousness when approaching an interview and we all have our share of disaster stories (either our own, our friends or both!) In fact, most of us have probably emerged from an interview at some point in our lives feeling like we’ve blown it.

How do you prepare, what do you say, how do you dress – how do you handle the really awkward questions?

That’s where this book comes in.

It takes you through every single step of the interview process, including preparation, what to wear, the importance of attitude and body language through to salary negotiation.

We also cover the top 100 interview questions based on non-behavioral and behavioral based questions. If you’re baffled at the prospect of what that might mean, we’ll explain that too.

We’ll even cover situations such as whether or not to accept a counter offer from your current employer and the seven warning signs of a toxic organization – but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves.

Before you attend one more interview you need to read this book.