Executive Job Search in the Hidden Job Market – The Morita Method

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Research has shown that over 90% of executive jobs come from the Hidden Job Market. Learn how to navigate the Hidden Job Market and secure the next best opportunity in 120 days by learning and applying. The Morita Method gives you access to the Hidden Job Market and makes it your most promising playground. Reach out to the next step in your career: Make use of your full human potential, attract higher rewards, and become an increasingly valuable and desirable resource.About the Author:Rainer Morita is an International Job Search Coach and Hidden Job Market Expert who partners with top-tier executives worldwide to secure perfect jobs based on his proprietary job search system called the Morita Method. As executive search agent, he is working for one of the largest executive search firms in search of mission-critical leadership talent. Rainer has become a gateway to Asia for European firms, and to Europe for Asian firms. He is an International Bestseller Author who authored four books: “Executive Job Search in the Hidden Job Market – The Morita Method”, “Peak Performance Interviewing for Executives”, “Globalization Opportunities for Executives in Japanese Companies” and “Find Your Career Passion.”For more information: www.moritamethod.com